Homeschool Tackle Box

Congratulations! You have decided to educate your little school of fish in your own fish bowl and not send them out into that huge public school aquarium.  What a privilege to share this journey with your children! They have the wonderful opportunity to experience truly individualized instruction designed uniquely to meet their particular interests and needs in the safety and comfort of their loving home.

Here is something to consider.  Do you know your child as a learner? Do you know his/her personality type and how that affects behavior and learning? Do you know your child's learning style? Is he/she primarily auditory, visual or kinesthetic/tactile? Do you know your child's love language and whether or not your child has grit?

To make things even more complicated, do you know all these things about yourself? Your profile might not be the same as your child's.  It is helpful to understand the differences. If you instruct the way you learn and perceive the world, then you might not be meeting the needs of your children as individuals. The proper learning environment and motivational bait are different for each learner.

This book (currently under construction) is designed to give you all the tools necessary to assemble a personal learning profile for each of your children and for yourself. To make things easier, all the assessments and worksheets you will need, along with the helpful resource material, are available at the end of each chapter, and there are accompanying workbooks available for your children.

A fishy theme is used to unify the information in the book and to have some fun. As you thumb through the pages, one of the first things you will notice are the humorous fish cartoons and the thought-provoking reflective pools. Interspersed throughout the book, you will enjoy the Golden Moments shared by veteran homeschool educators, the snapshots of homeschool experiences and the inspiring quotes. Chapters are designed to help you develop individual learning opportunities, communicate more effectively, encourage positive behavior, and motivate and engage your children into learning efficiently. The last chapter, Gasping for Air, will help you and your children practice self-care, so everyone can thrive in a happy, stress-free environment.

This book was authored by:

Nancy Piercy and Sue Nothstine

Graphic Artist - Josh Cotter


Homeschool Tackle Box

Build the Relationship

You know your child as your son or daughter, but do you know them as a student? Your children will appreciate it if you see them as they are and adjust your teaching style to fit each of them individually. Our book, Homeschool Tackle Box, guides you through how to get to know each child as a unique learner. 

You can do it!

  • Do you know his/her personality type and how that affects behavior and learning?

  •  Do you know your child’s learning style? 

  • Is he/she primarily auditory, visual or kinesthetic/tactile? 

  • Do you know your child’s love language and does your child have grit?

Our book includes the tools you need:  assessments, worksheets, additional resources, activities, creative ideas and strategies designed just for homeschool parent educators. And, workbooks are available for your children!

Contents of the Homeschool Tackle Box Book

Knowing Your Child

Positive Behavioral Norms

Guide your Children


Each and every child is unique. It is advantageous, if you are going to be homeschooling,  to become acquainted with your child as a learner. We suggest ways to do just that and explain why it is so important

Guide your Children

Positive Behavioral Norms

Guide your Children


YOU . . . are the most important ingredient in the homeschool environment. You can lead your children to life-long learning with a steady hand and a willing heart. Be open to change. Try some new ideas. Improve your teaching skills through use of our helpful resources.

Positive Behavioral Norms

Positive Behavioral Norms

Positive Behavioral Norms


When homeschooling becomes a bit hectic, do you have the resources you need to encourage positive behavior?

We can guide you in this arena, and homeschool can become a pleasure for everyone, and everyday home behavior might improve also!

Hook them into Learning

Parent/Child Communication

Positive Behavioral Norms


Do you want to hook your children into learning? You can investigate their personality style, love language, developmental stage, learning style, personal interests and study habits. We provide strategies and assessments to make this very important journey easy and fun for both of you.

Embrace Diversity

Parent/Child Communication

Parent/Child Communication


No two children are alike. What worked with your first child might be useless with the second. Remember, among other things, gender differences, personality, and human nature  will greatly affect how each child receives your guidance. Don't get discouraged. We have lots of strategies to make you a superstar home school parent teacher.

Parent/Child Communication

Parent/Child Communication

Parent/Child Communication


Do you sometimes feel like you are talking to the wall when attempting to engage your child? Don't get discouraged. We have lots of strategies to make you a superstar parent teacher. Sometimes just a few useful techniques can make a world of difference in the outcome of  communication with your children.

Downloads: check out OUR workbooks!


This book, Homeschool Tackle Box, will be available on Amazon later this spring. There will be age-appropriate workbooks that accompany the text, also available for purchase. These workbooks are being designed to engage your child in learning about themselves as you, the homeschool teacher,  apply the ideas from the book, culminating in a creative project of which they can be proud. With each activity, your child will become more aware of how they think, what they need in place to learn, how to interact with others and how to implement self-care. 

The completed project for the younger children will be a book, All About Me, which they produce as they participate in the self-evaluating activities. For the older student, the final project is a personal profile collage that will represent everything that they have learned about themselves throughout this workbook experience of self-discovery. 

Your children will be pleased to share All About Me with others or hang their collage on the wall; being reminded of how each of them is an extraordinarily complex, unique, and valued individual.   

Files coming soon.