A book for classroom teachers

Congratulations . . . You're a Teacher!

Now what? Need some help? Want some answers to the complex classroom problems you struggle with each day? Do you need some inspiration and a few good laughs? 

Take a look at Teacher's Tackle Box. It is packed with valuable information to help you through that first year of teaching and to inspire you to hang in there and become an experienced teacher. Teacher's Tackle Box is an easy-to-read, how-to book that blends the art and heart of teaching, offering inspiration, motivation, and solutions to everyday classroom problems, providing you with invaluable support.

The goal of this book is to help classroom educators maintain a positive attitude toward their careers, so they can employ the skills and stamina to become what our country needs . . . superior teachers. Information is presented within a fun fishing framework, with graphics to enhance the text and hook the reader. True stories are scattered throughout the book, along with interactive exercises and thought-provoking quotes. The book provides a fresh approach to topics such as communication, classroom diversity, discipline, curriculum presentation, parent/teacher conferences, learning styles, and self survival. Our hope is that you will enjoy your career as much as we have enjoyed ours. When you look back, we hope you will be happy and proud knowing that you have had the opportunity to make a positive differences in the lives of each of your students. We love teaching and want you to love it too!

This book was authored by: 

Sue Nothstine, Nancy Piercy and Dr. Joyce Piveral

Graphic Artist - Josh Cotter

"Once you get a nibble of this book you're going to want to reel it all in! Teacher's Tackle Box is a must for both the novice and the knowing. Take one look and you'll be hooked!"

           Todd Whitaker, Educational Consultant, Indiana University

T Box . . . Our Gift to You!

The T Box, which is mentioned throughout the book, is where we offer concrete help with the application of some of the major ideas. Among the downloadable resources you will find:    

  •      Useful internet sites
  •      Creative forms to facilitate day to day classroom activities
  •      Print-ready ideas you can implement immediately
  •      Fun activities to enliven the classroom and engage students



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