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Tackle Box authors Sue and Nancy are available to present affordable, instructional workshops that motivate and inspire classroom teachers and homeschool parent educators alike. Workshops can be designed to meet your local needs. You can choose a combination of the topics available or suggest new ones that can be fashioned especially for your situation. Whether you are planning professional development for 100 classroom teachers, or simply have a group of parent educators that want to meet and learn more about a particular topic, Sue and Nancy are comfortable working with groups of all sizes and are available for full day and even partial day seminars. 

Workshop Topics

The Art and Heart of Teaching - It is important to recognize that 'heart' is the main ingredient in successful teaching. This interactive workshop shows educators how to quickly get to know each of their students personally and academically so that individual needs are met ands each child can enjoy a successful, happy year.

Communication is Your Job - Effective communication is the number one job of a teacher. This workshop helps to polish skills, sharing proven techniques to help the classroom teacher connect with students, staff, administrators, parents and the school community, or the homeschool parent educator to connect with their children, other homeschool teachers, students and parent groups.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment - Students need to feel safe and secure in order to be happy and successful in their school work. Producing an environment that is warm and inviting, safe,  and predictable is essential for successful learning. This workshop will give participants the recipe for creating that perfect positive educational setting

Recognizing Diversity in Yourself and Others - All people are a composition of their culture, heritage, upbringing, experiences, and gender. Recognizing personal differences is essential to learning to treat everyone with respect and compassion. In this workshop, educators will be come more aware of their personal diversity and how their individual beliefs and biases can impact their interactions with the young people they are teaching.

Discipline with 'Heart' and Teach Self-Regulation - When educators know  students personally and academically, they are better able to recognize and meet their individual needs, which can eliminate many behavior problems. In this workshop, strategies and techniques are shared to help train young people to be self-regulating, so everyone involved can enjoy a positive, safe, nurturing, learning environment, with little disruption.

Develop a Healthy Personal Relationship with Parents - This workshop is especially designed for the classroom teacher. Obviously, a "win . . . win" situation exists when teacher and parent have a positive working relationship. Here we share techniques to help teachers connect with parents in a constructive manner. It will also explain how to set up an effective parent/teacher conference and how to maintain a professional assertiveness when interacting with difficult personalities.

Manage Stress and Keep Your Life in Balance - Educators must learn how to reduce their stress level and keep their lives in balance in order to enjoy their teaching experience. This workshop will convince participants that stress management is necessary to to maintain health and happiness. Techniques to reduce stress will be shared and practiced in this session.

Keeping Everyone Motivated and Engaged - Nothing is worse than a bored teacher or student. This workshop shares lively and unique techniques and strategies to keep everyone motivated and involved in learning throughout the school year.

Achieve a Bully-Free Learning Environment - Regardless of whether you are a classroom teacher with twenty-five students, or a homeschool parent educator with children  in a combined session with other homeschool students, bullies ruin the experience for everyone.  It is important to take a strong stand to stop bullying wherever it occurs. This workshop presents a comprehensive plan to stop bullying.

Gender Specific Strategies for Learners - Surprise! Boys and girls are different and have different learning needs. This workshop addresses the differences and provides proven strategies to help all children become successful learners.

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